Power BI Cool Training

Love idea of using Power BI to achieve more?

Learning a new skill is like an adventure to a peak with high rewards

Imagine, you are on a hiking journey to that rewarding but challenging peak.

Would you want a mountain guide to help you?

Just like a mountain guide knows the terrain and the best way to guide you up a mountain, a Power BI trainer knows how to navigate your problems and help you come to the best solution. Think of it this way: a mountain guide not only guides you and plans a route for you, but also helps you if you struggle. A mountain guide works alongside you at your own pace and ensures your safety while helping you reach the summit of the mountain. This is exactly what a Power BI  trainer will do for you and your Power BI skills.

Perhaps you’ve tried it before and have been unsuccessful, or you just don’t have time for long webinars. Maybe you require someone to train you how to move forward while fully understanding business models, strategies, and challenges – someone with plenty of experience and knowledge to share.

In the spirit of achieving successful outcomes, Trust Your Data trainer continually empowers you in using PowerBI.

Jozef is a seasoned expert on business analytics, data processing, business intelligence and data warehousing. He has 20 years of delivery experience and working with business people on UK wide and international projects often collaborating remotely.

Jozef has also experience of teaching technical subjects at the university and trained all-ages people using technology tools. 

A PowerBI One-On-One Trainer

Navigates you

in the PowerBI landscape

Empowers YOU

to learn Power BI in an effective way

Helps you

to design data visuals easily

Explains to you

how PowerBI works and also how data and visuals work together

Supports you

on your journey to master PowerBI


that learning PowerBI is a fun experience for YOU

Learn, engage and succeed with PowerBI tool to help you to take impactful actions.

Pivot your team and yourself from the Covid economy stress to opportunities.

This is why 2021 will never be like in 2020

Take matters into your own hands and work toward betterment. Do you want to master PowerBI and ensure your business is moving forward?

Use Power BI One-On-One Training. By joining the pilot phase, you will be one of the first people to avail of this incredible opportunity and will become proficient in the use of Power BI.

Additional Benefits and Amazing Offers of the Pilot Phase

Do you want to learn Power BI the natural way and benefit from additional attention? By joining the pilot phase, you can make the most of this.

In addition to a 50% discount off the standard price, you may also benefit from a lifetime discount on all other training services provided in the program.

Limited-Time Offer

Make sure to join now! Only a handful of slots are available. Only those displaying the strongest commitment will be accepted. This offer is for those who work in non-IT business areas. Don’t forget, the training sessions are performed via internet using tools such as Zoom you can start pivoting your team even they are at home during Covid19 lockdown ⭐👍

Consider yourself a leader and want to increase your crucial team members’ productivity, take the initiative and get your own Power BI trainer for them ASAP. If you’re intrigued by the idea of personalized Microsoft Power BI 1 on 1 training sessions, we encourage you to reach out using the button below. 

PowerBI Trainer is Close to You over Internet

Sample Traning Session

Watch this video to sample a small piece of what you’ll be experiencing. This sped-up video shows a learner building a report from candy data. Throughout this, the trainer helps reinforce points and materials from previous sessions to build upon existing knowledge while also providing new information.


+ - Do you provide a taster session?
Yes, the first session is provided for free and is considered a trial session. It's included in the plan.
+ - Why can't I buy the sessions?
Since this is a one-on-one coaching service, we have limited resources and cannot accept all interested parties. To provide the best service to our clients, we have limited capacity. Please register your interest, and we will be sure to update you ASAP.
+ - How are training sessions conducted?
All sessions are performed online via Zoom. The software has to be installed on your computer and is available for free here: https://zoom.us/download
+ - What do I need for training?
In addition to Zoom, you need to be able to install the PowerBI Desktop on your computer. Windows OS ideally with the latest updates. Other than that, all that is needed is a computer with Windows 10 installed and a stable internet connection. Ideally, your computer has the Windows OS and is updated. You need to install Zoom teleconferencing software. You need to be able to install PowerBI Desktop every monthly update on your computer.
+ - Do I need the Power BI license for the sessions?
The Microsoft Power BI license fee has to be paid by the customer. However, throughout most of the coaching, we will be using the trial version, which is valid for 60 days. After this, the cost is £7.50 per user per month for the Microsoft Power BI Pro license. However, a significant part of the time we will use Power BI Desktop with the free license.
+ - Do you conduct group sessions?
No. This is a one-on-one training service which ensures that the user has access to the trainer at all times – even if the learner asks the same question multiple times, the trainer is happy to explain the topic and provide additional material. This is much more effective and provides more value to the learner.
+ - How many people are present for each session?
Two. Yourself and a trainer 😀
+ - Do you provide online material that I can watch?
The internet is full of free materials and internet classes. However, our model works differently. Our training model relies on the learner commitment, interactivity, understanding crucial tool concepts and more to be successful. We take this pedagogical approach to make sure that we provide values that are missing from other webinars, videos, and group training sessions.
+ - Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. However, since a trainer spends their time with you on a one-to-one basis, it would be best if you appreciated their time. However, in certain cases, we do offer refunds. First of all the initial discovery call is free! ✨ Inforexx Ltd provides a satisfaction guarantee for clients who purchase the “PowerBI On-On-One Training” service. If a customer is not satisfied with the training provided, he/she can send an email to hello@inforexx.com stating so, and Inforexx Ltd will issue them a refund based on the following stipulations: 1. If the refund is requested within the first 10% of training hours consumption, 100% of the fees will be returned. 2. If the refund is requested after 10% of training hours consumption but before 50%, 50% of the fees will be returned. 3. If the refund is requested after 50% training hours consumption, there is no compensation. Inforexx Ltd reserves the right to refuse refunds if the claim is not service-related (such as financial problems or health concerns). The claim’s cause will be determined based on the customer’s initial answer to why they want a refund.
+ - Why is there such a huge discount during the pilot phase?
The pilot phase is discounted since it is a learning opportunity. During the pilot phase, data will be collected regarding users’ experience, ideas for improvement, and more. This will help us perfect the service for the final rollout. The discount is a way of us thanking you in advance for helping us improve our program. Your reviews and endorsements on social networks will be helpful for Trust Your Data/Inforexx and may even end up on our web pages. Please note that we may record sessions where no sensitive data is used.
+ - How long will you provide the training sessions for?
This depends on the package you choose. However, your trainer appreciates the commitment to keep pace with regular and short session intervals to ensure your progress.


All services are subject to resources availability.

Pictures are for illustrative purpose only.

Training sessions are performed via the internet ONLY using tools such as but not limited to Zoom, Teams or Slack.